★★★★★ | 1/19/2018

Paul really helped me out when my car was stuck and slowly breaking down. He towed my car 24 miles back to my house and was awesome! Geico failed in finding a towing service to pick me up because "they were all busy". When I found Paul online he told me to call Geico and tell them that he would tow my car and he'll work out the financial details with them later. Thank you Paul for your generosity and attentiveness!

- Laura P. | Tempe, AZ

★★★★★ | 12/15/2016

Thank you guys so much for getting me home safely!!! I was stuck on the side of the road with no help for an hour calling aaa but I couldn't get nobody to answer me or help me! crying on the side of the road at 1am in the morning a woman alone I called apg towing and they could hear the stress in my voice and they came helping me in less then 5 min!!!! All I can say is there is still some ppl on this planet earth that have a real heart! It wasn't even about the money! God blessss every single person that was working and came To help me tonight. Love u guys and I don't even know u guys. That all

- Elena A. | Irvine, CA

★★★★★ | 12/16/2015

Amazing service, super nice, just all around amazing people. Helped us move my friends car in the middle of the night.

- Thoni G. | Anaheim, CA

★★★★ | 2/9/2016

I would have gave 5 stars but the Asian man who answered my phone call, barely spoke English, and gave the tow truck driver the wrong address. Once Paul came to my address, he was very professional and moved the vehicle that was blocking my garage. If you ever need a PPI (private party impound) call them. You can't go wrong.

- L P. | Diamond Bar, CA

★★★★★ | 12/13/2015

Amazing service, available Sunday's, good price. Overall great experience, would recommend to all my friends and family.

- Wayne L. | Norwalk, CA